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The Avengers investigate a series of murders of Corporate men, who have all been bidding on a new circuit element. Each one of them seems to have been killed by a powerful Karate blow, so ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)
































The Avengers investigate a series of murders of Corporate men, who have all been bidding on a new circuit element. Each one of them seems to have been killed by a powerful Karate blow, so Mrs. Peel visits a Karate Dojo, Steed's inquiries lead him to United Automation, where ex-Ministry scientist Dr. Armstrong is working on an electronic brain, not to mention cybernetic men. Somebody is killing business leaders; they aren't using weapons or poison they are killing them with a single well aimed blow. This leads Mrs Peel to deduce that the killer must be a highly trained karate expert so she starts attending the local dojo where she hears of one man who is particularly skilled. Steed meanwhile learns that all the dead men were involved in negotiations for the European rights to new electronics technology that would revolutionise the industry. It turns out one of those still in the bidding is the karate expert Mrs Peel was interested in… he hardly has time to register as a suspect when he too is killed; clearly the assassin has incredible strength. It turns out the killer isn't human at all; it is a robot created by Dr. Clement Armstrong who wants to gain access to the new technology so that he can use robots and computers to take over the country.

This is rightly considered a classic episode as it contains so many elements that made 'The Avenger' what is was; killing business leaders, a villain wanting to take over the country, sci-fi technology and some good action. Michael Gough is good in the role of the wheelchair bound Dr Armstrong; a character who appears harmless till we learn of his killer cybernauts. The story is handled well with some nice misdirection pointing us towards suspecting the karate club… even if the episodes title points to a less than human killer! Once we've learnt who is behind the killings the drama doesn't lessen; indeed it increases as Armstrong sends one of his cybernauts to kill Steed… although it goes after Mrs Peel as Steed unknowingly gave the pen with the tracking device to her. The conclusion is entertaining and, although we don't know it at the time, sets things up for a sequel episode featuring Armstrong's brother. Overall a really good episode. A series of otherwise unrelated murders have a few things in common. Namely, the perpetrator in each instance appears to be unstoppable. Neither bullets nor doors slow him down. Steed and Mrs. Peel are called in to investigate and soon find the genius behind a technology company is central to all the murders. But he's wheelchair-bound. He couldn't be responsible for the killings. Or could he?

"The Cybernauts" has to be one of my all-time favorite episodes of The Avengers that I've seen. The mix of sci-fi, espionage, horror, and that touch of humor ever present in the show make this one near perfect. The tension gets turned up a notch as Mrs. Peel becomes the mistaken target of an unstoppable killer. The finale is more than satisfying. The special effects may be laughable when compared to what we have today, but to me that's part of the shows charm. Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee are wonderful. In just a few episodes, the two work together as if they had done so forever. They are joined in "The Cybernauts" by the very capable Michael Gough. Even though he's in a wheelchair the entire episode, he's an actor quite capable of dominating any scene he's in. Nicely done by everyone involved!

If you've never seen The Avengers and are curious about the fuss, "The Cybernauts" would be a good one to start with.


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